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Elliott Hall Medical Centre

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Clinics we provide

Antenatal Clinic

If you fall pregnant you can self refer to antenatal clinics via your chosen hospital’s website. Otherwise you should see one of the doctors at the earliest opportunity so that we can book you at the antenatal clinic. As soon as you find you are pregnant you should immediately start taking a folic acid supplement (400 micrograms daily ) to help prevent spina bifida. These can be obtained with or without additional vitamins from you chemist.

Minor Surgery

Some minor surgery can be carried out in our well equipped treatment room by Dr Vaughan.

We do not remove things for cosmetic reasons only because they are causing physical irritation or discomfort. You will be asked to make an appointment to see her and she will decide if it is appropriate to remove it in the surgery. 

Smoking Cessation

We have launched an in-house clinic courtesy of Westminster Drug Project (WDP)


Counsellors can be accessed via the “Improving Access to Psychological Therapies” service. You can self-refer by clicking here or you can come and see the doctor to arrange this and there is a  questionnaire that needs to be completed before you can access the service. It would be helpful if you could complete this before seeing us and the questionnaire can be downloaded here. Please bring it with you when you see the doctor.


Appointments are made by the doctor or nurse for people who have medical needs for a dieticians help. Such conditions include diabetes and high cholesterol. We are not able to offer a “weight watchers” type service.

Blood tests

If you are asked to have a blood test by our doctors or nurses these can be arranged by asking for an appointment with our phlebotomist.

Anatomie Physio

Harrow CCG is in contract with HHL to provide physiotherapy services. They in turn use a number of providers one of which is Anatomie. The practice provides a room for them to offer such services in the community. Any patient from any practice in Harrow who is eligible for physiotherapy can be seen by Anatomie at EHMC. Appointments are made with HHL who ask patients where they would like to be seen, our own patients do not get preferential treatment in this process and patients cannot self refer. You have to be referred by a doctor.